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Book Two

To protect the man he loves, Zalith must find a way to defy the gods of Alvenguard.

Alucard has never felt love before, and when he was forced to work with an insufferable demon, he never expected that to change. But Zalith pulled him from the darkness of his own heart and saved him from the cruel fate Damien had been leading him into. And through the despair forced on them, they found each other.

Eight months later, Alucard returns to Dor-Sanguis and is determined to pursue his feelings. When he reunites with Zalith, his life is very quickly uprootedーbut this time he doesn't resist. He decides to let Zalith in; however, as their relationship grows, so does Damien's resentment. 

Determined to protect the man he loves, Zalith declares war on the Numen. However, he soon learns that the Daegelus wasn't the only God contending to be Alucard's ruler. 


91 chapters - 288,000 words.

Noferatu II: Work
Noferatu II: Text
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