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Created by the Numen, the Void (also called the Numenverse) homes seven planet-like masses called realms. All these realms hold a different amount of ethos, have their own rules, and are home to hundreds of different species.
Some of these realms also possess gateways to pocket-worlds, smaller, hidden realms.

The Seven Realms: Welcome
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Mareaeternum is made up of mostly water and small, secluded islands. Only two large landmasses exist, one on each side of the globe. Despite its lack of land, this realm's main inhabitants are werewolves.

Aegis' Thalis and Ares settled in Mareaeternum after falling out with Letholdus. For a while, they peacefully owned one of the two landmasses each, but as with all Numen-blooded creatures, war was inevitable.

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This realm's name gives away its purpose. Letholdus was the Demiurge's sanctuary until his failed creations turned it into a wasteland. Letholdus has long abandoned this realm for Alvenguard, leaving behind the creatures that managed to adapt to the harsh, toxic atmosphere.

There is no ethos here. Letholdus made sure to strip the realm of any trace of it before his departure. If anyone with ethos other than a Numen were to enter this realm, they would wither into a mundane, ethos-less echo of what they should be.

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Aegisguard is home to more ethos-possessing species than any of the other realms. It can also serve as a haven for up to three Numen at once. It holds the second-largest amount of ethos of any of the realms.

Gateways (or portals) to three large pocket worlds, Eltaria, Draesaterra, and Akhir, exist within Aegisguard. They are the only three pocket worlds to have been discovered, but there are believed to be more elsewhere.

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Although the smallest realm next to Tengesto, Glaciaqua is home to thousands of Aegis' offspring. A realm ruled by dragons and similar species; no humanoids live here or dare set foot.

Glaciaqua, when spoken of, is said to be the place the Aegis train and selectively breed offspring. It is the realm that homes the most ethos, or as it is called here, magic.

Glaciaqua is Letholdus' greatest source of belief-strengthened power.

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Often described as Damien's cesspool, Tengetso has become a literal dumping ground for things Damien has grown tired of. His enemies, creations that didn't turn out perfect; everything Damien has deemed as unworthy ends up here.

Despite the former conclusion, civilization exists in Tengetso. Humanoids and humans have managed to make their homes here, but life is an everyday battle. Rotting, undead corpses walk the land, as do huge, armoured creatures fueled with just as much hatred for Damien as everything else that lives here.

Tengetso is Damien's greatest source of belief-strengthened power.

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The Seven Realms: Work
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