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Book Three

When Zalith's attempt to save what remains of his people fails, he resorts to a last-ditch effort to get them to safety. But will his desperation to help them end with him losing everything he loves?

The war in Eltaria has taken a turn for the worse. Zalith must do all he can to fight his enemies and save his people, but in his absence, they have grown stronger, and his losses increase drastically. Although he fears involving Alucard will threaten the vampire's safety, he has no choice.

Alucard and Zalith work together to save what remains of his people, but when Zalith is pulled into a blinding gaze, the world he knew is torn from beneath his feet, and he begins to question his reality.

Cursed with the horrific memory of that night, Zalith's torment begins to show, and Alucard doesn't fail to notice. But with no idea how to help the man he loves through his trauma and paranoia, Alucard suffers his own dismay.

Will Zalith's fear grip him forever? Will it keep him from doing as he pledged and destroy the Numen to protect Alucard?


67 chapters - 195,000 words.

Noferatu III: Work
Noferatu III: Text
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