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Book Four

When a swarm of disease-carrying insects plunges Nefastus into catastrophe, Alucard and Zalith have no choice but to flee their home. But something is on their trail, and making it out of the country alive might not be as easy as they thought.

Something was coming. Like petrichor before the rain, Alucard felt an imminent threat. Life had been good for too long; Zalith was recovering, their people were safe, and the Numen hadn't made their move. Yet.
In a single night, Alucard and Zalith's lives are torn apart. A series of devastating events plunges Nefastus into ruin, leaving them no choice but to flee with their people. But with Lilith and the Diabolus trailing not far behind, it's going to take more than a planned escape route to get out of the country.

As their options grow thinner with each day, Alucard and Zalith struggle to determine what the right thing to do may be. Will they stand their ground and take back what's theirs, or will they have to run and spend their days hiding in the shadows?


47 chapters - 253,537 words.

Noferatu IV: Work
Noferatu IV: Text
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