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Annnndddd here it is!

Take an exclusive look at the new, revamped cover for Nosferatu: Light, book 3 in the Nosferatu series!

Today, Thursday 22nd December, I finished the first draft of Nosferatu: Demon's Curse (book 8). So, to celebrate that, it's time to reveal the cover for book 3, Light!

Isn't it the most awesome thing you've seen??? I absolutely love it and it's probably my favourite of the three!

In the top left corner, we see Varana in the first shard of glass.

On the right, we get a little look at a gryphon!

And then back to the left, there's a little pocket watch to see, too!

Then, on the bottom right, could that be this book's main antagonist?

What do think?

Do you have theories?

And are you just as excited to start reading as I am to start releasing chapters?

Starting January 2023, LIGHT will begin uploading on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday EVERY week, so stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Jan 28

Beautiful cover! It is so sweet seeing them together! Can't wait to read!!!

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