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Introducing Greykin Press!

Hey everyone! My co-writer and I have come together to create 'Greykin Press’.

We're going to be focusing on creating anthologies, some with art and some without. Our first project is 'In the Neck of the Woods - A Horror Anthology' featuring horror-themed short stories set in both summer and fall but focusing on a camping theme. We'll be starting a kickstarter, and you'll have your piece published in a non-profit magazine, which you'll receive a copy of. Any proceeds from the kickstarter will be going to charity!

Shining a light on the many talented people in marginalised communities is a major focus of ours, and this anthology is dedicated to showcasing the work of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ writers. So, if you’re a part of either or both communities, please take a look at this form and let us know if you’re interested! And if you are, be sure to watch this space for the application form!

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