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Born: Primis 18th, 333

Birthplace: Andora, Eltaria

Zodiac: Capricorn

Age: 625

Height: 191cm (6ft3)

Species: Incubus

Bloodline: Lilidian

Ethos Colour: Ashen

Other names: Eladarin Lilithkin

Morality Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Zalith was born into a rich, well-known family of socialites. His mother, a succubus, and father were scions, direct ethos-created descendants of the demon goddess, Lilith. Zalith was born an incubus, the first of his kind. He, like his parents, has no surname but was given Valerian as his middle name. He spent his years growing up and being trained to become the smart, resourceful, devious warlord he is today. Zalith is also an apex demon, a demon which rules several alpha demons and their packs.

He’s led a promiscuous life for the past few hundred years, but after losing the war in Eltaria, he chose to dedicate his time to focusing solely on keeping those of his people that remain safe. He also works as one of Damien’s subordinates, and his loyalty earned him the chance to move the vampires that helped him during the war to another world—Alvenguard. He accumulated a lot of enemies in his life, upset a lot of people, and believes that the loss he has suffered recently is some sort of karma for the things he’s done. But he promised himself he’d do all he could to help his people before his wrongdoings caught up to him.

When Damien introduced him to Alucard, he was sceptical—and also a little attracted to the vampire. He saw him as a potential conquest and distraction while he worked to move his people.

But he is quickly shown that Alucard might just be what he’d spent six hundred years waiting for.

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Songs that depict Zalith's character.

Angels and Demons - Just Loud

My Body Is A Cage - Peter Gabriel

Maps - Freya Ridings 

Born Ready - Zayde Wolf

Fire on Fire - Sam Smith

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