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Born: Decem 31st, 532

Birthplace: Dor-Sanguis, Aegisguard

Zodiac: Scorpio

Age: 424

Height: 185cm (6ft1)

Species: Sangdevoro

Bloodline: Lucidian

Ethos Colour: Vermillion

Other names: Caedis Luciferson

Morality Alignment: True Neutral

Alucard (Aleksei) was born into the Diabolus, a cult of witches, humans and demons who worship Lucifer as their god. Alucard's mother, Charlotte Reiner, was a Meridian, a very powerful witch in possession of Numen ethos.

His creation was solely for the purpose of freeing Lucifer from his prison, but Damien intervened, condemning Lucifer to remain locked away forever, and Alucard to a life of depravity.

Damien grew tired of Alucard, though, and after wandering Aegisguard for many years, Alucard eventually found himself a family. However, they were shortly taken from him by the Diabolus. Devastated and enraged, he sought revenge, and Janus, the God of Beginnings, unlocked a hidden power within him, turning him into Aegisguard's first vampire at twenty-four. However, Janus had a nemesis, who created Ada, Werewolf Queen. For their amusement, the two gods pit Alucard and Ada against one another, unleashing years of battle and conflict between their two species'.

Years later, Alucard killed Janus and withdrew from the gods' stage. He focused more on the 'Nosferatu', his globally-known organisation. He strived to make the world a safe place for his people and started by placing covens all over Aegisguard. He soon returned to his homeland, Dor-Sanguis, and dedicated his time to ridding the land of werewolves, creating a treaty with the humans, and ensuring his vampires were safe.

And then he met Zalith.

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Songs that depict Alucard's character.

My Body Is A Cage - Peter Gabriel

Catherdral Bell - The Used

Icarus - Dan Owen

Darkness At The Heart Of My Love - Ghost

Nosferatu - Bloodbound

Elements - Lindsey Stirling

Where Is My Mind - Maxence Cyrin

Milowda - Clinton Shorter

Demons - Nomy

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