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Alucard's dialogue in the original edition of The Numen Chronicles books has an accent. He doesn't pronounce Hs, THs and some Rs. Below are some examples to help you understand his dialogue:

You'll see words like 'ead (head), 'ere (here), and 'owever (however), missing the H.

THs are often ZHs, such as zhat (that), zhis (this), zhe (the), and zhere (there). In other cases, you'll see ozzer (other).

Ws become Vs, such as vhat (what), vhere (where), and vhy (why). 

Some Ds become Zs, such as Zamien (Damien), zon't (don't), and Zetlaff (Detlaff).

Fs also become Vs, such as vollow (follow), vriend (friend), and vor (for).

And some Rs become Vs, such as vest (rest), Veiner (Reiner), and Remont (Vemont).

Below is a more detailed guide:

Vhat = What

Vhen = When

Vhere = Where

Vhy = Why

Vant = Want

Voman = Woman

Vomen = Women

Vhatever = Whatever

Vherever = Wherever

Vhenever = Whenever

Vrite = Write

Vrist = Wrist

Vrong = Wrong

Zhe = The

Zhere = There

Zhat = That

Zhis = This

Zhen = Then

Zhan = Than

Zhem = Them

Zheir = Their

Zhemselv = Themself

Zhemselves = Themselves

Zheirselv = Theirself

Zheirselves = Theirselves

Zhomas = Thomas

Vree = Three

Togezzer = Together

Ozzervise = Otherwise

Vight = Right

Vest = Rest

Vace = Race

Ving = Ring

Vace = Face

Vorgot = Forgot

Vinger = Finger

Vor = For

Virst = First

Vree = Free

Zoesn't = Doesn't

Zamien = Damien

Zetlaff = Detlaff

Divverent = Different

Accent Guide: Text
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