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Publishing Imprint and Series Universe Created by T. Csernis

The Numenverse is the world in which all of T. Csernis' novels and series take place. It was first created in 2012 when T. Csernis began writing 'Warlock', the beta series that started everything.

Although there are demons and dragons and vampires, the Numenverse isn't too different from our own. In this world, the supernatural beings, otherwise known as Caeleste, chose to reveal their existence rather than remain in the shadows, thus creating an alternate world. Some history is similar, as well as languages, places, and people, but a lot of these things have been named after significant Caeleste events and or influences, such as the country Dor-Sanguis, which is much like Earth's Romania, but the name means blood and suffering, reflecting the vampire-werewolf wars which broke out over several hundred years.

The timeline is a little different, though. The first Numen Chronicles story takes place in Numenverse year 957, which is roughly 1872 in Earth's timeline. This is because when the supernatural revealed themselves, the world was 'reborn anew', and this event is known as Year Zero. In Earth's timeline, Year Zero occurred in the year 915.

The Numenverse: Welcome
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