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Numen Chronicles Series 2 | Volume One

While hunting for his missing friend, Elijah stumbles upon a fiery journalist, who so happens to be looking for the same people as him: the doctors who experimented on him when he was a child. But when the two are forced to go on the run together, Elijah's healing wounds are opened, and he realises that Lyca Corp. took more than his childhood.


The moment Elijah escaped from the lab where he unwillingly spent the past thirteen years of his life, he planned to live up to his promise: he'd find Haru, the only thing that kept him sane growing up. But with no idea where Lyca Corp. transferred his friend, Elijah hunts down the former doctors who made his life hell in search of answers.

After chasing his next lead, however, Elijah accidentally rescues Zoe, a journalist locked in his target's trunk. He has no choice but to bring her and her roommate, Jake, along with him as he flees the city to avoid capture.

But as he continues his search, Elijah struggles with the scars Lyca Corp. burned into him. He has no idea who or what he is; he doesn't understand the power raging inside his bodyーthe power Lyca Corp. desperately tried to pry from him. Why does he have an insatiable bloodlust? What does the whispering voice inside his head want? And why does he feel as though a huge part of him has been torn away?


16 available chapters

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