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A Review of The Atrophy of Clementine Darlington

Reviewed by Sheyberrypie (@Sheyberrypie)

The Atrophy of Clementine Darlington is definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year!

Starting with the title, I absolutely loved its aesthetic. The cover was gorgeous—I clicked on it instantly—and it went perfectly with the title as well as the storyline. Then I started reading and from the very first paragraph, I was hooked.

The author, Tate Csernis, did an amazing job at building this dystopian fantasy world for a reader to get lost in. It feels at the same time old as well as new, and the details are exceptionally well thought out.

I loved how the characters were also very three-dimensional and morally grey. The fantastic descriptions within the plot will only serve to further suck you into their plights. I thought the pacing was perfect with the slow-burn romance and the unfolding dark secrets.

Bottom of the line, if you love boarding schools and murder mysteries then this is the book for you!


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